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Holding Hands

Batya Closet

Our goal is to provide what previously incarcerated women need when they start their lives again. Most of these women have nothing when they are reintegrated into society -

we want to bridge the gap.

We gratefully accept monetary donations as well as item donations.

How Your Donation Helps

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Starting your life over from scratch isn't easy and many women are overwhelmed with where to even start picking up the pieces.


This is where Batya Closet comes in.

We partner with women who have recently been released from incarceration to give them a head-start on building their new lives - by taking off some of the pressure of getting housing necessities such as furniture, cookware, bedding, clothing, toiletries, and more until they can get their feet on the ground.


We believe that creating a safe, personalized, and stocked living space is essential. By making a house a home, we take a big step in the right direction of breaking the cycle of incarceration. 

Studio Living Room

Batya Closet's Mission

Our goal is to impact the lives of 50 woman to help them get back on their feet after being incarcerated.

Thank You To Our Generous Sponsors

None of the Batya Closet's work would be possible without the generous donations of our gracious partners

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