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Donation Form

Thank You For Your Generosity!

We are so grateful that you are considering donating to the Batya Closet. We truly appreciate your generosity and willingness to help break the cycle of incarceration. 

Please use the form to the right to indicate what kind of items you would like to donate and what time-frame ideally you would like to have them donated.

Pick Up vs. Drop-Off

Please also indicate whether you would be able to Drop Off your items or if you will require item Pick-Up. We have two drop off locations - one Central Austin and at our storage unit in South Austin. We will send details of drop-off locations with form completion.

We are a limited group of women who currently all work full-time jobs. If you require Pick-Up, please note that we pick up 1-2x per week and have limited availability. It may take several weeks for us to be able to get larger items.

Batya Closet Donation Form

Items For Donaton
Thank you for your donation!
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